Thursday, October 25, 2012

Stars & Strikes Local Haunt

Have you heard of the fabulous Stars and Strikes?

Last weekend I visited the Dallas, Ga Stars and Strikes Haunted House & Pumpkin Patch.

One Word - WOW!!


A smaller scale haunt at a price that's affordable for practically everyone. It is very impressive with a dedicated scare staff of actors & volunteers willing to go above and beyond to creep you out!

Listen to what Betsy & Ashley have to say:

These young ladies are out there every weekend working hard to make sure you get the most FRIGHT for you dough!

After you're harrowing journey through the Haunt, make your way indoors to Getaway-n-Play!

A little bowling, lazer tag, bumper cars & arcade action is sure to calm you down!

Check out all the great deals at


Here are a few words from Chainsaw Man & Raggedy Ann:

Random Haunt Pics


If you live in the Northwest Georgia area be sure to stop by Stars and Strikes Haunted House & Pumpkin Patch in Dallas. Hit the Haunted House then head indoors for more fun at a great price!

Like I said, "It's a Steal of a Deal!"

Be sure to purchase your Haunted Eyes before you go & maybe you can give them a fright of your own!


See you soon,









Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Folklore Haunted House (Local Haunts Rock)

How many of you like to be scared?
What if you could be terrified right in your own neighborhood?
What if there was a truly Frightening Local Haunt you could visit???
That would be freaking AWESOME!!!
Folklore Haunted House in Dallas, Ga is just what you need! (
I had the opportunity to visit with the Folklore Crew of Goblins & Ghouls and I can tell you,
when given the chance to go through the Haunt after dark, I gave a resounding...
The characters are some of the best I've seen & the sets are spectacularly creepy!
Folklore is not your average haunted house. It is designed by professional Fear Engineers who have made it an intensely scary haunt indeed!
These actors take their jobs seriously. They intend to not only scare you, but to frighten you so deeply that you shiver at the thought of going back.
We at are thrilled that many of their actors use our Haunted Eyes lenses.
Which is further proof that Folklore believes in Top Quality Theatrics.
As you can see, Folklore has a terrific Creature Wrangler, aka Mandrake Damnit, and she is top notch. Having been an actor first, she is able to get the most from the characters lurking in the shadows.
Next I'd like you to meet Ashes. An extremely sweet girl before transforming into her seriously creepy alter ego. I literally got goosebumps while chatting with her!

How many of you noticed that Ashes was wearing our Vampire Red lenses? Pretty cool, eh?!!

All you have to do to complete your Halloween look this season is order a pair of your own at

If you live in the Metro Atlanta area, be sure to visit Folklore Haunted House in Dallas, Ga.
They are worth the trip!

And don't forget, no matter where you live, be sure to check out your local haunts!

Time is running out!
Make plans to visit Folklore Haunted House soon!
For detailed info go to

And don't forget to order your Haunted Eyes today!!

See You Soon,

Folklore Haunted House Pics



Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Haunted Eyes of Every Kind!

With Halloween just around the corner, we thought it'd be fun to share some of our fave photos!

Nea Dune is a Croatian model who loves our lenses & has been kind enough to share several of her pics with us!

Behold the AWESOMENESS of Nea Dune wearing Haunted Eyes!!!!!!

Black Widow by AllforYou Production
Here are some great lenses for the Black Widow "Eye" look,

Night Stalker

(Night Stalker)

Vampiress for
 (Vampire Red)
 Steampunk Playground by Bambii Photography
(Black Sclera)
If you still can't pick your favorite lenses, then go for a
 Multi-Lens Look!
 Nea Dune by Redcrow photography
For these lenses & much more go to
Halloween is on its way! 
Don't delay, check us out today!!
You can see more of Nea on facebook at
See you later,

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Welcome to the Zombie Zone!

Whether its an alien plot or government conspiracy, it looks like Zombie fever is here to stay.

For awhile anyway.

With Halloween fast approaching, you may be considering a Zombie theme for the season.

As always, Haunted Eyes not only has you covered, but is here to give you some terrific "UNDEAD" ideas!

Wear our Walker lenses for a cool Zombie look.

And for the Undead who'd like a touch of color...
Check out our Selene lenses.



Kooky? Yes
Creepy? You Bet
High Quality? Definitely

Zombie Red
Zombie Green


zombie Yellow White Zombie Theatrical Contact Lens - Halloween Contacts by HauntedEyes

(Zombie Green, Zombie Red, Zombie Whiteout
& Zombie Yellow) 
You & your friends can achieve countless looks with our vast inventory of high quality contact lenses at

Send us pics of you in your Haunted Eyes & you may see yourself featured next month!
See you later,



Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Alien Attack!!!

Do you ever wonder if the recent Zombie craze is really an Alien ploy to distract us from their evil intentions?
Well I do:(
I believe the Aliens want to focus our attention on Zombies so they're able to infiltrate the masses.
BUT as usual, Haunted Eyes is a step ahead!!
The surest way to spot an alien masked as a human is the eyes, ALWAYS the eyes!!
They can disguise themselves almost completely but are unable to change their eyes!
We have a line of Black Sclera lenses that are Da Bomb!!
Slip in a pair of these & even the most dastardly Alien won't know which species you really are...

Black Sclera Contacts - Halloween Contacts | Hauntedeyes Black Contacts by Hauntedeyes
Black Sclera are great for full on Alien attire.
Like the planet Neptune? Then try our Dune lenses!
Red Dawn
Get the Mars look with Red Dawn.
Mini Sclera
Mini Sclera is a must have for those seeking an Alien Hybrid look!

Seriously, Haunted Eyes has you covered when the proverbial poop hits the fan!
Don't be abducted...
Get your Black Sclera lenses today!!
See You Soon,

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How Cool Are You?

Here's my question:

How Cool Are You?

If you hesitated for even a second then you NEED to read on!

I'm often contacted by people who are afraid of theatrical contact lenses.

Ummm why???

Are they afraid of the lenses themselves?
Maybe they are resistant to change?
Do they worry that others won't recognize them?

I've gotten many responses but the bottom line is this:

Haunted Eyes gives you the very best in high quality theatrical contact lenses at the very best price available anywhere online!

Now with that said.
Let's move on to some great looks that are beyond easy to achieve!!

Here are a couple of subtle, yet beautiful, looks that are perfect for anyone who's unsure of just how much attention they'd like to receive!

Our lenses are Top Notch & so are our very Cool Customers.

Here's the very stylish, Shellie, wearing our Haunted Eyes Color Max Blue lenses! This is a spectacular way to change up your look without being over the top!
You can find all of our lenses, including Color Max at!

                      Shellie K. wearing Color Max Blue:

This is the very lovely Leisa, wearing Haunted Eyes Angelic Red Halloween Contacts. As you can see, even our Halloween contacts have looks that work well for day to day wear.
Go to to find this look!

                       Leisa F. wearing Angelic Red:

Angelic Red

There you have it folks.
These wonderful ladies love their Haunted Eyes lenses and look great in them.

Now you can too!

Check out our entire inventory at to find the right look for you!

Later this week, we'll check out some more extreme contact lens looks and as always, join our blog to send in your pics, ideas & comments!

See you later,

Friday, August 17, 2012

Twilight Who? How About Interview with the Vampire!!

Hello Again Friends,

Looking over our Haunted Eyes inventory last week, I was struck by how the Twilight craze has ignited so much interest in our other "vampire" lenses.

 People who have been wearing our Edward Cullen and Bella lenses are branching out into Lestat, Louis, Vampire and Angelic Red just to name a few.

Love it or hate it Anne Rice was the Queen of the Vampire genre before Twilight came along.

Check out these looks:

 Brad Pitt as Louis in Interview with the Vampire.

You can achieve this look with our Louis lenses.

Do you feel more like Tom Cruise as Lestat?

Then try our Lestat lenses!

How about Kirsten Dunst's look as Claudia in the movie?

Her beautiful eyes changed on a dime & yours can too!

Check out our entire line of non prescription colored lenses starting with Azalea Blue...

As you can SEE, we can help you achieve many different looks!

And, as always, feel free to send us pics of you and your pals in our Top Quality Contact Lenses!!

See you next week!